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Staff Trainning

Staff training can be carried out at your place of work in a safe and clear designated area. The course runs for approximately two hours based on eight to ten persons attending.

The objective of the training is to provide staff with a sound knowledge of effective fire safety practices, including the safe use of portable fire equipment. Firstly an introduction to the new EN3 colour coding system will take place, then how to select the right appliance for the class of fire, and the methods of fire extinction. If requested a fire training awareness video can also be shown
(please allow an additional half hour).

Protect Fire Equipment Fire Staff Training

We then proceed outside for a practical fire demonstration, where staff then will be able to have
' hands on ' experience in the use of most types of appliance if desired.

Having successfully completed the course all persons attending receive an Certificate of Training.

Current legislation requires employers to ensure that fire training is provided for its staff. We can provide training and advice from correct selection of fire extinguisher, to hands on practice with the fire equipment on real fires.

For more details please call or email us.